WATCH: The moment thieves steal father’s scooter from hotel car park

Two thieves stole a father’s scooter as he worked at The Hotel Victoria, Lowestoft. Photo: The Hotel

Two thieves stole a father’s scooter as he worked at The Hotel Victoria, Lowestoft. Photo: The Hotel Victoria. - Credit: Archant

A father-of-three has hit out at the thieves who stole his only mode of transport while he was at work.

Aaron Storey was left feeling 'sick' when he discovered his scooter had been taken from outside The Hotel Victoria, in Kirkley Cliff Road, Lowestoft on Sunday, January 6.

The 29-year-old chef, who commutes from Beccles, started his shift at the hotel at 10am but just 30 minutes later his grey Honda 125cc was stolen.

He said: 'I finished my shift at work and walked out and my bike wasn't where I left it. When you first notice you think one of your colleagues is playing a prank on you.

'Then you get that sinking feeling when you realise – I was pretty gutted.'

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The hotel's CCTV captured the moment two thieves brazenly stole the bike in broad daylight.

Mr Storey said: 'I had literally been at work for half-an-hour.

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'It makes you feel angry and little bit sick. It's clear they knew it was there, they knew what they were going to do.

'They came knowing there was a bike there and they would take it.

'You've worked hard to save up and buy yourself something and someone comes along with no consideration for anyone else's feelings and just takes it away.'

With the loss of the bike Mr Storey has been forced to rely on lifts from friends and family.

He added: 'You feel like a bit of an inconvenience to people. It was my mode of transport to get to and from work.'

The chef said he bought the bike from new two years ago for £2,500.

And said: 'I've had bikes since I was old enough to have them, but I had only ever had second hand. This was my first new bike.

'I've now got to fork out money I can't really afford and feel I shouldn't have to.

'They need to think about the impact it has on other people and the loves of people around them. Imagine if you worked hard for something and someone came and took it away.'

Anyone who witnessed any suspicious activity or has any information about the theft should contact Lowestoft Police on 101, quoting crime reference 37/1203/19.

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