Teens sentenced after chickens jumped on and stamped on in Norwich

The bandstand at Eaton Park. Photo: Victoria Pertusa

The bandstand at Eaton Park. Photo: Victoria Pertusa - Credit: Victoria Pertusa

Three teenagers jumped and stamped on two chickens in a Norwich Park in a 'deliberate and gratuitous attempt' to cause suffering to the animals, a court has heard.

The boys, one aged 12 and two aged 15, were arrested after two bantam chickens were found dead in Eaton Park on April 16 last year.

Norwich Youth Court heard the person who looked after the bantams, who took in lost chickens and poultry, had noticed them missing on April 14.

Eve Robinson, prosecuting, said just a couple of days later a member of a public had spotted some boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with two chickens near the bandstand at Eaton Park.

They described how they were 'stamping' on the birds which were dead.

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The prosecutor told the court on Tuesday that the boys, now 13, 16, and 16 had been 'acting in a group' in a public place.

She said they had been jumping and stamping on the animals until they died and that there had been a 'deliberate and gratuitous attempt to cause suffering to these two chickens'.

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She added that feathers were found in the sole of one of the boy's trainers following the incident.

One of the boys, now 16, was sentenced on Tuesday afternoon after being found guilty of two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal on April 16 last year.

He was sentenced to a six month youth rehabilitation order, together with six months supervision and an activity requirement for 45 days.

He was also ordered to pay £30 compensation to the victim and costs of £100.

In addition the youth was banned from keeping poultry for a year.

James Landells, representing the youth, said he had little to say from the report that had been prepared on his behalf.

Speaking in court before the youth was sentenced, the boy's father said he had 'not been in trouble before' and did not know 'why it happened'.

Earlier in the day a 16-year-old, who had pleaded guilty to killing chickens in Eaton Park, was given a 12 month referral order, ordered to pay £30 compensation and was banned from keeping poultry for 12 months.

A third boy, now 13, had already been sentenced after pleading guilty and was given a nine month referral order.

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