Teen who torched toilets not allowed to be drunk anywhere in Norfolk

Sheringham toilet fire

Two teenage girls set a public toilet alight on Sheringham's East Promenade. This image is from a video one of the girls filmed and later shared on social media. - Credit: Supplied by Norfolk Police

A teenage girl convicted of setting fire to a public toilet is not allowed to be drunk or behave anti-socially in any place in Norfolk.

Two teenage girls were fined for torching a toilet on Sheringham's East Promenade after they used an aerosol spray to set tissue paper in the toilets alight.

Sheringham east prom toilets which have won a national award for the second year running.

Sheringham east prom toilets which have won a national award for the second year running. - Credit: Archant

The arson, which took place in the early hours of December 1 last year, caused more than £1,000 worth of damage.

The girls, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were arrested and charged with arson after they shared footage of the crime on social media.

One of the girls, a 17-year-old, appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court last week when she was given a two year criminal behaviour order (CBO) prohibiting her from being in a state of drunkenness and acting in an anti-social manner in any public place in the county.

The CBO, which was imposed by magistrates on February 25, also bans her from associating with the other teen involved in the arson between 6pm and 7am daily.

It came after a number of incidents of alcohol-related violence in the town and was imposed after the teenager last month pleaded guilty to arson as well as two counts of assault against another teen on September 9 last year.

She was issued with a six-month referral order to a Norfolk Youth Offender panel was ordered to pay £540 compensation for the arson offence. For the assault charges she received got an extra six-month referral order and made to pay £150 compensation.

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The other teenager involved in the case, who was just 14, pleaded guilty to both arson and criminal damage after she damaged a cell following her arrest when she appeared before city magistrates on February 18.

She was given an eight-month referral order to a Norfolk Youth Offender panel. She was also made to pay £150 compensation.

Speaking after the girls were sentenced last month, Sheringham beat manager Ian Smith said: "Between them these girls have repeatedly caused misery and risk to this community. We won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour, and I’m pleased that the victims of their crimes are being offered some form of justice.

"I only hope that this provides these teenagers with the wake-up call and guidance they need to stop their selfish, criminal acts.”

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