Robber dragged 65-year-old along ground while stealing £450

Solomon Tomkinson. PHOTO: Suffolk Police

Solomon Tomkinson. PHOTO: Suffolk Police - Credit: Archant

A 65-year-old man was dragged along the ground as he tried in vain to stop a robber running off with £450 he had just withdrawn from a cash machine at a supermarket, a court has heard.

ASDA, in Lowestoft. PHOTO: Greta Levy

ASDA, in Lowestoft. PHOTO: Greta Levy - Credit: Archant

Solomon Tomkinson was jailed for more than four years after admitting robbery at Ipswich Crown Court.

Sentencing the 40-year-old for 51 months, judge Rupert Overbury said he had driven to the Asda store at Horn Hill in Lowestoft in a stolen car and had "waited and watched" for an opportunity to steal money from someone using the ATM.

He said Tomkinson, who had an "appalling" criminal record of more than 100 offences, had committed the robbery at night and had approached the victim from behind.

"There is a struggle and the victim, who doesn't want to let go of his money, is forced to the ground and grabs hold of your legs to stop you running off," said the judge.

ATMs at ASDA in Lowestoft, where a man in his 60s was robbed by a man in a stolen car. PHOTO: Greta

ATMs at ASDA in Lowestoft, where a man in his 60s was robbed by a man in a stolen car. PHOTO: Greta Levy - Credit: Archant

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He said the victim was dragged on the ground and suffered minor injuries to his leg as a result.

Tomkinson escaped with £440 in a blue MG car which had been stolen from High Street the previous day.

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The remaining £10 had been left at the scene and was seized by police.

The incident was captured on CCTV and Tomkinson was identified as the suspect, with the stolen car found a short distance from his Grosvenor Avenue home in the town.

At the time of his arrest, a search of his home was conducted and items belonging to the owner of the stolen car were seized, including a Worx drill and North Face gloves.

Tomkinson pleaded guilty to roberry and handling stolen goods when he appeared at Ipswich Crown Court on April 17.

Robert Pollington, mitigating, said his client hadn't planned to commit the offence.

Investigating officer, Andrew Thawley from Lowestoft CID said: "This was an appalling and unprovoked attack on a man in order to steal cash.

"The victim displayed great courage in attempting to thwart Tomkinson's escape, who held no thought to the upset and harm he may cause his victim.

"It is very satisfying to see him behind bars where he will be able to reflect on his actions, and hope this serves as a deterrent to other would-be thieves and criminals."

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