Alleged murderer denies telling court ‘a complete pack of lies’

Flowers were laid in memory of Scott Tarrant, who was murdered on Underwood Close, Lowestoft. Pictur

Flowers were laid in memory of Scott Tarrant, who was murdered on Underwood Close, Lowestoft. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

A Lowestoft man accused of murdering a former friend after they fell out over a woman has denied telling a court a 'pack of lies.'

Scott Tarrant. Photo courtesy of Suffolk Constabulary.

Scott Tarrant. Photo courtesy of Suffolk Constabulary. - Credit: Archant

Giving evidence at Ipswich Crown Court, Steven Butcher denied repeatedly stabbing 28-year-old Scott Tarrant with a kitchen knife with 'severe force' in the full knowledge he was causing him really serious harm.

Cross-examined by prosecution counsel Peter Gair, the 24-year-old denied he was telling the court 'a complete pack of lies' and that he'd picked up a knife to get revenge on Mr Tarrant after allegedly being assaulted by him in the past.

Butcher, of Ashfield Crescent, Lowestoft, denies murdering Mr Tarrant in Underwood Close, Lowestoft on July 7.

The court had heard that after his arrest Butcher told police he was 'petrified' of Mr Tarrant after being attacked by him in April 2017.

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The court heard that Mr Tarrant's partner Rebecca Supple was at her Lowestoft home with Butcher when he banged on the door.

She was angry because he hadn't turned up earlier and so she subsequently didn't open it.

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Miss Supple and Butcher then heard his motorbike being pushed over and she claimed he threatened to kill Mr Tarrant if he'd damaged his bike.

She said Butcher took a knife from a drawer and went to the door.

Miss Supple took it off him and Butcher went outside to pick up his bike.

He returned to get his crash helmet and said he was going to look for Mr Tarrant.

She then heard a 'commotion' and saw the two men standing in the road as if they were about to have a fight and then saw Mr Tarrant lying in a pool of blood.

She said she didn't know Butcher had left the house on the second occasion with the knife.

Miss Supple said she and Mr Tarrant had split up in 2017 but had been trying to rebuild their relationship.

She had slept with Butcher when she and Mr Tarrant weren't together and Mr Tarrant had disliked Butcher because of that.

On July 7 last year she and Mr Tarrant arranged to meet at her house but when he didn't turn up she told him not to bother and invited Butcher to spend the night with her.

The case continues.

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