‘I’ll be back doing the job I love’ - doorman speaks out after vicious attack

David Aslett's injuries after the assault. Photo: David Aslett/Facebook

David Aslett's injuries after the assault. Photo: David Aslett/Facebook - Credit: Archant

A doorman who was viciously assaulted in Norwich has vowed to return to work and not let his attackers deter him.

David Aslett was working with colleague Tom Phillips on the door of a Norwich venue when they were attacked on Sunday, November 10 at around 6.30pm.

"My colleague and I were attacked by four to five people, as we refused two of their friends entry for being too intoxicated," he said.

"We were all taken to the ground and then kicked and punched while on the floor with them. We sustained multiple injuries - I grabbed the male, main aggressor, to stop the assault going further while Tom was dealing with others.

"While my hands were full I was blind sided and hit in the eye by the aggressor."

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He said the pair were taken to A&E, and said he was still, 10 days on, unsure of the extent of his injuries, but that he had been warned recovery may be a "long road".

He thanked his employer Regency Security, who he said had agreed to keep him and Mr Phillips on full pay while they recovered.

Since the incident, the city's clubs, bars and pubs have rallied around Mr Aslett, with several, including Stadia, the Garden House, Bond and Mantra, arranging collections.

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"I feel fortunate to have had so many people offer to help and have been overwhelmed with the love and support from the people of Norwich," he said. "I look forward to being back on the door where I belong, and will not be deterred from the profession I love by the actions of a few."

Some on social media have called for harsher sentences for those who attack doormen and women, as has been introduced for emergency service workers.

But Mr Aslett said: "We should all be equal if attacked by anyone, as everyone has a job to do regardless of what it is. The law should change in general and not go by occupation of someone."

Police confirmed they were investigating the incident, which happened on Wherry Road, and said a man in his 30s, from the Norwich area, had been arrested on suspicion of assault. He has since been released on bail until December 5 pending further enquiries.

If you have any information, contact police on 101.

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