Trail of blood left after thug smashes up 250-year-old private club

The Norfolk Club, which was smashed up by Adrian Micu Picture: Denise Bradley

The Norfolk Club, which was smashed up by Adrian Micu Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2012

A man smashed up a 250-year-old private members club, leaving it smeared in blood and doing £14,000 of damage.

Adrian Micu, 24, was caught after a late-night wrecking spree at the Norfolk Club on Upper King Street in Norwich.

Norwich Crown Court heard that in the early hours of June 22 staff at the Stadia nightclub heard the alarm sounding at Norfolk Club - the third oldest of its kind in the country.

Later, at 2am, they realised the back window to the nightclub office was smashed.

When police arrived they saw Norfolk Club had been broken into, with glass strewn around and the back door broken, the court heard.

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"While the police were peering in the defendant made himself known to them," prosecutor Ian James said. "He was challenged and threatened with a Taser but he raised his hands and surrendered."

Norfolk Club officials were called.

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Mr James said: "They found damage to the library, blood damage to the floor and ceiling and blood staining on a bust in the library. Carpets and walls were covered in blood, a green desk lamp had been broken and left outside and an antique table had been smashed."

In police interview Micu said he could not remember what had happened.

Mr James added that Micu was arrested again a few days ago.

On October 14, shortly after midnight, a taxi controller at Loyal Taxis saw Micu punching a white Toyota Auris, then a Ford Mondeo.

Staff dialled 999 and Micu approached their office holding a belt. They locked the front doors and he punched and cracked their window before walking off shouting.

Police chased Micu along Prince of Wales Road and King Street and into a dead-end alleyway, where he was arrested.

Micu, appearing unrepresented, said: "I would like to make things right and pay for my mistakes."

Judge David Goodin said: "It is plain you are capable sober of contributing to society, behaving yourself, working hard and paying your taxes. In drink, you are a menace and a thug, leaving a trial of shattered glass in your wake."

Micu, of Rouen Road in Norwich, admitted four counts of criminal damage.

Judge Goodin sentenced him to six months in prison suspended for two years. He must pay £1,000 to the Norfolk Club, £450 to Stadia, £300 to the owner of the Toyota and £250 to Loyal Taxis.

He must also carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, 30 rehabilitation days and 60 days on the thinking skills programme.

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