North Walsham man arrested over alleged TV set-top box fraud

Some customers who bought the Ooberstick thought it would give them access to Sky. Photo: Chris Radb

Some customers who bought the Ooberstick thought it would give them access to Sky. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Wire - Credit: PA

A North Walsham man has been arrested after customers alleged they were sold set-top boxes for their television sets which did not work.

TV fans say they have been let down after buying a product from a company registered in North Walsham called Ooberstick Ltd.

The Ooberstick was meant to work like a set-top box, giving viewers extra channels when they plugged it into their televisions.

Hundreds of shoppers bought the product online expecting to get more channels, but a private Facebook group with more than 1,000 members has been set up by people who say Ooberstick has failed to work.

There are dozens of posts on the page from customers who say they have been let down. They say they paid around £150 for the Ooberstick which either did not arrive or did not work.

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Some say they had bought the internet protocol television device (IPTV) as a Christmas present.

One person, who said he used to work for Ooberstick, wrote on the Facebook page: 'I fully understand your anger, disappointment and all other emotions you are feeling right now.'

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Customers are now going through banks to cancel payments and to try to get refunds.

Some said their banks had given money back to them.

This newspaper has been in contact with the director and shareholder of the company who we are not naming as he has received death threats on social media.

He said customers were getting refunds and the company was being liquidated.

But many customers have been in touch with this newspaper to say they have not been refunded.

The director said people did receive the Ooberstick hardware but they were annoyed because they could not watch some streams on it which were illegal.

He said people were 'moaning because they now can't watch Sky Sports'.

A Norfolk Police spokesperson confirmed they were investigating allegations of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering linked to the selling of illegal IPTV devices.

A 32-year-old man from the North Walsham area has been arrested, interviewed and released on bail until March while police enquiries continue.

The investigation is being led by Norfolk police, but people living across the country say they have been affected.

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