Lorry driver charged over Tesla dashcam crash

Wrecked Tesla Model 3 following lorry crash in Weston Longville. 

Wrecked month old Tesla Model 3 following accident that saw concrete blocks fall from lorry in Weston Longville. - Credit: Neil Collins

A motorist whose car was crushed under tonnes of concrete blocks that fell off the back of a lorry has welcomed its driver being charged. 

Company director Neil Collins and his wife miraculously escaped serious injury following the accident on the B1535 at Weston Longville.

The load slid off the back of a passing lorry as it rounded a corner destroying his month-old £50,000 Tesla Model 3 electric-powered performance car. 

Wreckage of Tesla Model 3 car following accident.

Neil Collins and his wife Alison escaped with minor injuries despite concrete blocks falling from lorry onto their Tesla car. - Credit: Neil Collins

Mr Collins, 51, his wife Alison’s 50th birthday as the couple were travelling from their home in Bunwell to visit Holkham on April 26.

Norfolk Police confirmed that the lorry driver has been charged with having an insecure load and will appear in court at a future date. 

Under Section 40A of the Road Traffic Act it is an offence to use a vehicle or trailer on the road if it poses a danger of causing injury due to the weight, distribution or security of its load.

"Sadly in many cases like this, the police don’t have enough evidence to bring charges - even in cases where people have been killed by items falling off lorries,” said Mr Collins.

“My wife and I are pleased that in this case they are pressing charges."

Still from dashcam show concrete blocks falling from lorry

Still from dashcam show concrete blocks falling from lorry on the B1535 at Weston Longville. - Credit: Neil Collins

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He credits the car, which had just 700 miles on the clock, for saving their lives. 

“The windscreen collapsed but luckily it pretty much held. It was quite amazing that we walked away,” he said.

The Tesla’s in-built dash cam captured the shocking moment the blocks fell from the lorry and crashed down on its bonnet, windscreen and roof.

The footage has made headlines around the world and been shared on Tesla enthusiasts social media sites as far afield as America, Canada and Australia.  

One commenter posted: “Wow that’s scary stuff. It’s very lucky the driver walked away after that.”

Another added: “Again it shows the vital importance of dashcams as evidence.”

Aftermath of lorry and Tesla crash

Neil Collins and his wife Alison had been celebrating her 50th birthday with a trip to Holkham when the crash occurred in Weston Longville. - Credit: Neil Collins

Mr Collins said he had also been contacted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency who plan to use the footage and photos in a social media campaign to raise awareness.

"I’m really pleased that the DVSA is spreading awareness of the dangers of insecure loads on HGVs and the terrible consequences that can have,” he said.

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