Teen stabbed mum’s boyfriend with two knifes over domestic abuse claims

Paul Smith was jailed for attacking a grandfather in a pub PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood

Paul Smith was jailed for attacking a grandfather in a pub PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

A teenager burst into a room with two knives and stabbed a man in the back after hearing him arguing with her mother, a court has heard.

Shanice Myers, 19, had been at home in Kings Lynn with her mother and her mother's then boyfriend Daniel Paul for a barbecue when Mr Paul was stabbed.

Opening the prosecution case at Norwich Crown Court on Monday (October 21) Robin Griffiths said both Mr Paul and Myers' mother Caroline had drunk alcohol at the barbecue on May 5 this year.

He said Mr Paul indicated he was not feeling too well and went to the toilet.

At the same time Myers, who was 18 at the time, and her mother went to the shop and returned home where Mr Paul and the defendant's mother became involved in an argument.

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Mr Griffiths said Myers went upstairs to her bedroom during the "heated discussion" but "all of a sudden" Myers burst into the room with a knife in each hand and attacked Mr Paul.

Mr Griffiths said she stabbed him first in the back and continued to attack him.

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He said there was "a lot of blood involved" and Mr Paul received a number of wounds.

He said Mr Paul was taken to hospital in King's Lynn before being transferred to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

He said the most serious injury sustained by Mr Paul was a collapsed left lung but he also received an injury to his spine.

Myers told police at the scene she had stabbed Mr Paul and during interview outlined allegations of domestic abuse her mother had suffered at the hands of Mr Paul.

She said she found it difficult to cope with and something which caused her to become extremely agitated with as time went by.

Myers told police that while up in her bedroom listening to the argument she had "a terrible feeling".

She told police that she decided to let him be the one hurt by another and not her mother. She said: "I can't take it back, it's already been done."

Myers, who attacked Mr Paul on the fourth occasion she had come downstairs after picking up two knives from the kitchen, said he "looked so angry" before the attack.

She told police she didn't have a plan but came downstairs and stabbed him before saying some nasty words to him.

When asked by police what she had wanted to happen, she said: "I just wanted to hurt him. I had no intention in the world to kill him. I just wanted to hurt him.

"I just wanted to see the pain in his eyes - the pain he had caused my mum."

Mr Griffiths said whatever threat Myers perceived that Paul posed to the defendant's mother the grabbing of two knives meant it was "wholly disproportionate".

Myers, of Proctors Close, Lynn, is accused of the attempted murder of Daniel Paul on May 5 this year.

Myers is also charged with wounding with intent on the same date.

She has denied both offences.

Giving evidence via videolink from King's Lynn Magistrates Court, Mr Paul said he and his partner Caroline had been arguing in the living room when it "just escalated from there".

He did not realised he had been stabbed at first and thought he had been hit with a hammer.

The trial continues.

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