‘Creeper’ burglars raid 11 homes on town estate

String of creeper burglaries reported in Thetford. Photo: Getty Images

String of creeper burglaries reported in Thetford. Photo: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images

Laptops, phones and cash have been stolen in a string of 'creeper' burglaries over the Christmas period in a town.

Norfolk Police have said "don't give burglars an open invitation" after 11 incidents have been reported in Thetford since December 12, targeting homes with unlocked doors and windows.

Overnight "creeper burglaries" have happened in and around the Abbey Estate, including in Ely Way, Canterbury Way, King Street, Coventry Way, Fairfields, Winchester Way, Salisbury Way, Guildford Way and Durham Way.

It is believed that suspects have taken advantage of unlocked doors and open windows and police are urging the community to get into the habit of checking their home is secure before going to bed.

Property stolen from the 11 homes include laptops, cash, alcohol, phones and iPads.

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Det Insp Mick Roxby, from King's Lynn CID, urged people living in the area to be vigilant.

He said: "We know that opportunistic offenders will often try door handles until they find one which opens.

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"By locking up, you make it much harder for criminals and taking simple crime prevention measures can dramatically reduce the chances of your home being targeted.

"We're not asking people to barricade their homes but to simply lock doors and not give burglars an open invitation."

Investigations are ongoing in all cases and officers are keen to hear from anyone living in the areas targeted who has private CCTV.

Other tips include security marking property such as laptops which makes them harder to be sold on, call police if you witness anyone acting out of character or if you are out give the impression someone is home by using lights timers or leave a radio on.

Anyone with information about the recent incidents should contact Detective Constable Mark Tate Thetford CID on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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