Man told police officers he was going to stab former partner

Norwich Crown Court.

Daryl Godley has been jailed after admitting threats to kill - Credit: Archant

A man has been jailed after he approached police officers and told them he was going to stab his former partner.

Daryl Goodley, 32, made the threat to kill after he stopped two officers on Tollhouse Street, Great Yarmouth.

Norwich Crown Court heard Goodley, who has mental health problems, told them he had breached a restraining order and had tried to contact his ex-partner.

Chris Youell, prosecuting, said he then told the officers if they were not going to arrest him he would "go to her address and kill her".

Mr Youell said: "He made the threat several times."

He said Goodley told the officers in detail how he was going to carry out the threat.

Mr Youell said: "He said he was going to stab her, cut her throat and kill her".

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Goodley, formerly of Aspley Road, Yarmouth, was subsequently arrested, although he was not found to have breached any restraining order.

The victim confirmed he had not, when she was contacted by police although she was said to be afraid of him.

Goodley, who has 43 previous convictions for 71 offences, including threats to kill, appeared in court on Tuesday (May 10) having previously admitted threats to kill at 3.45pm on March 19 this year.

Danielle O'Donovan, mitigating, said it was a "deeply sad case for a deeply troubled man".

She said the defendant, who suffers from a mental health disorder, "wanted to get help for his mental health" and "wanted to be arrested as it was the only life he knows".

Recorder Darren Reed accepted the defendant had mental health problems but said the case was so serious only an immediate term of imprisonment could be justified.

He said although what Goodley had said was done so in the "heat of the moment" it would have had a lasting affect on the victim in the case.

Goodley was jailed for 12 months.