Porsche drink-driver tasered by police after hitting 95mph on A47

Police have made six arrests in relation to puppy sales. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The 56-year old man received an 18-month driving ban today at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

A drink-driver crashed into a field and was tasered by police after he was caught doing 95mph in a Porsche on the A47.

William Crater, 56, of Post Office Road, Lingwood, was reported to the police by a member of the public for suspected drink driving after leaving an event near Norwich, just after 10pm on July 22. 

He was driving his black Porsche when he was located by the police on the A47, driving approximately 95mph towards Great Yarmouth.

He later approached a blind bend on the wrong side of the road and drifted across lanes.

After reaching Lingwood Road, the court heard how the defendant manoeuvred his car to the side of the road to allow the unmarked police car to pass.

However, after the officer activated his blue lights and pulled in alongside the Porsche, signalling for it to stop completely, Crater sped off.

The officer pursued the defendant in his vehicle but Crater failed to stop, and continued driving dangerously.

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After a while, the defendant approached a bend dangerously which led to the Porsche bouncing over a mound of earth and crashing into a field.

Crater ignored commands from the officer to stay in his vehicle and was reported to have made threats, which led to the officer tasering him.

He was arrested for failing to stop for police, refusing to provide a roadside breath test, and for dangerous driving.

The defendant was taken to Great Yarmouth Police Investigation Centre where he continued to refuse to provide a breath test.

Sergeant Joe Simon, from Norfolk and Suffolk’s Roads and Armed Policing Team said:

"Crater’s actions were irresponsible, and extremely dangerous, and could easily have resulted in the loss of someone’s life.

"Driving dangerously, and in particular while under the influence of alcohol, is the cause of so many accidents. What can seem like a quick win to someone who just wants to get home, can be a life-changing event for others and the drivers themselves."

Crater pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, and failing to provide a breath sample at an earlier hearing at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court on August 13.

He received an 18-month driving ban, ordered to pay costs of £240, given a 90 day alcohol-abstinence requirement and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work. 

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