Neighbours harassed by roaming guinea fowl in Attleborough

Woodview, right, at Leys Lane, Attleborough, where the residents were given a ten year non-convictio

Woodview, right, at Leys Lane, Attleborough, where the residents were given a ten year non-conviction restraining order against their neighbours, GK Harvey coachbuilders. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

Two men who harassed their neighbours by allowing guinea fowl to roam onto their land, which repeatedly set off a burglar alarm, have been given a 10-year restraining order.

Clones Price, 29, and Henry Jones, 22, both of Leys Lane, Attleborough, appeared at Norwich Magistrates court yesterday accused of harassing Gary and Roy Harvey, of GK Harvey coachbuilders.

The pair were accused of deliberately obstructing GK Harvey premises, being verbally abusive, throwing nails and other objects onto the road causing tyre punctures and allowing their guinea fowl to roam onto GK Harvey's land, which repeatedly set off the burglar alarm meaning one of the Harveys had to manually turn it off.

Prosecutor Oliver Haswell said the pair put their bins out onto the road, making it difficult for delivery drivers to get to GK Harvey, and causing problems for motorists trying to turn in the road.

Price and Jones and the Harveys agreed a non-conviction restraining order.

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It prevents Price and Jones from contacting the Harveys, throwing anything onto their land, entering the Harveys' building and putting anything on Leys Lane which could obstruct motorists on the road.

District judge Peter Veits said he hoped the order would 'calm things' and called the defendants' behaviour 'childish.'

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He said the 10-year period was unusual, but would cover the period of time the Harveys hoped to continue running the business.

'We have got to make sure it doesn't happen again,' he said.

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