Middle-aged woman throws paint at pub door in “bizarre” attack

Mystery surrounds why a woman threw paint over a Gorleston pub Picture: Gemma Searby

Mystery surrounds why a woman threw paint over a Gorleston pub Picture: Gemma Searby - Credit: Gemma Searby

A pub has released CCTV footage of what appears to be an older woman lobbing white paint all over its front door.

The incident happened at around 10.30am on Wednesday at The Mariners Compass pub in Middleton Road, Gorleston.

Pub landlady Jo Searby described the attack as 'bizarre' adding she was keen to find out who did it and why.

Ms Searby, who has run the pub for 10 years, said: 'The first we knew of it was when one of our customers went to leave the pub and was greeted by this big puddle on the pavement.

'When we looked at our CCTV we saw it was an older lady, I would say, with grey hair walking up to the front door and throwing paint.

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'It is the most bizarre thing ever.

'If some lady has got a problem with the pub, myself, or the staff she still has that problem.

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'It is easier to talk about it rather than do a random act

'It is just frustrating that it is such a pointless thing to do that has not achieved anything.

'I do wonder if she is planning to do anything else because it was such a ridiculous thing to do.

'More than anything I want to find out who it was and why. I have no idea who it could be, not even remotely.'

Ms Searby has been able to scrub the door clean but it will need repainting and they will have to replace the mat.

Meanwhile paint had also been spilled all over the road when the woman took the lid off and one vehicle had been splattered when one motorist unwittingly drove through it.

The police have been informed.

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