More than 1,000 dope plants found at major cannabis farm at Terrington, near King’s Lynn in Norfolk

Police raided a property on Station Road, near the junction with the main A17, on Thursday night.

They found mature plants being grown under a sophisticated set-up with lights and ventilation installed in a self-contained unit within a large barn.

In a brief statement issued this morning, the Norfolk force said: 'Acting on information received from the public, officers found around 1,000 plants in a building on Station Road, Terrington St Clement yesterday evening.

'Officers are carrying out investigations at the scene and a seal remains in place.'

It is understood no-one was on the premises, close to the African Violet Centre, when police arrived but Detective Sergeant Warren Witt has told the EDP he believes somebody had been at the barn 'at some point' yesterday.

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'To set something like this up and running would have cost at least �10,000 but the street value of the cannabis is worth more than �100,000,' he told media at the scene this morning.

'It's a big haul and it is up there with some of the biggest ones we have come across - it is certainly one of the biggest in West Norfolk.'

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Det Sgt Witt added his team will finish their forensic examinations this afternoon and that no arrests have been made.

He continued: 'There are 12 individual chambers in here with plants all at different stages of growth. There is no indication at the moment how long they have been here for.'

Karolis Krompalcas, 24, who works at the nearby African Violet Centre, was shocked to discover what police officers had found in the barn yesterday.

He said: 'It is usually really quiet there with only the odd tractor coming out of there every now and again.

'But over the last couple of months I have seen people popping in and out. It was usually the same bloke in a Vauxhall hatchback who would pull up by the gate and go into the barn for a little while before going off again.

'To be honest, I really didn't think much of it. I am now wondering just how long cannabis plants have been growing in there.

'I just didn't expect to see police here and be told what they had found in that barn when I arrived at work this morning and I am quite shocked to be honest.

'I have also spoken to a few people who live in the village and nobody had any idea this was here but why would you, it's just a barn.'

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