Grieving son had brick thrown through window after asking for cigarette

Palgrave Road in Great Yarmouth. PHOTO: Google Maps

Palgrave Road in Great Yarmouth. PHOTO: Google Maps - Credit: Archant

A grieving son was verbally abused before having a brick thrown through his car window after asking for a cigarette.

Mario Shilito, of Palgrave Road, Great Yarmouth, caused more than £1,100 damage to an Audi A5 in the incident on September 28. The 21-year-old initially denied the incident, but pleaded guilty on the day of the trial on January 17, and returned to Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court on Wednesday to be sentenced.

Corrinne Gook-Hurren, prosecuting, said: "Around midday, the victim was visiting his mother's grave. He saw Shilito and asked him for a cigarette, but he responded angrily and threw a punch towards him, but missed.

"Shilito ran away and the victim called his partner to pick him up because he was so shaken. The pair drove around to try to identify the man and they found him nearby. The victim got out to ask why, but Shilito ran into a nearby front garden, picked up a brick and threw it at the man.

"It missed, but then Shilito turned his attention towards the man's partner, who got out of the car. The pair then tried to drive away but Shilito threw a brick through the car's back window and kicked the car before running away. The man's partner was crying and very upset."

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Shilito also admitted assaulting a police officer by spitting on him, as well as further charges of being threatening and abusive and obstructing an officer in their duty, following an incident in Great Yarmouth in the early hours of New Year's Day.

These incidents occurred while Shilito was on bail awaiting trial for the criminal damage charge.

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Nat Myer, mitigating, said: "The man in question approached Shilito three times asking for a cigarette. He is a large man and bigger than he is, so Shilito ran away to his mother's address.

"The man had followed him, so Shilito picked up the brick, but there is no suggestion he was going to throw it at someone.

"The second set of offences came from him trying to stop his cousin getting into a fight.

"After being arrested, he tried to spit out the back door of the van, not towards the officer.

"He wishes to apologise and accepts it is disgusting to spit anywhere."

Magistrates ordered Shilito to pay compensation for the criminal damage of £1,139.89 and £300 towards the police officer he assaulted, as well as £85 court costs.

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