Woman was filled with 'fear of dying' after A47 crash

A lorry's wheel caught fire on the A47 close to the junction with the A146 at Trowse. Picture: Googl

A picture of the A47 at Trowse close to the junction with the A146. - Credit: Archant

A woman motorist was filled “with a fear of dying” following a four-vehicle crash on the A47, a court heard.

Lee Freeman, 35, had been driving a black Ford van on the A47 at Trowse, near to the A146 slip road when it was involved in a four-vehicle collision.

Norwich Magistrates Court heard prior to the crash, which happened at about 8.25am on December 3 2019, Freeman failed to judge the speed of the other vehicles.

He braked hard, swerved and erratically changed lanes in trying to take evasive action prior to the crash.

David Bryant, prosecuting, said one of the vehicles struck in the incident was a white VW Polo which was sent into a spin she collided with another vehicle.

In a victim impact statement, the female driver of the car who suffered whiplash after she was hit and spun, described how she was “grateful” she was still here.

But she described feeling “very scared” and had been filled with a “fear of dying”.

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She said the crash might have been some time ago, but memories of what happened were still “very much with me” and that she “kept reliving that moment”.

Freeman, of Memorial Road, Horsford, near Norwich, appeared for sentence on Monday July 5 having previously been convicted, in his absence, of driving without due care and attention. 

Representing himself in court, Freeman said he had initially rejected the offer of three points on his licence and driving course as he felt it had been a “genuine, genuine accident”.

He said he felt his conviction was “very harsh for the situation”.

He told magistrates he had wanted to be here for his trial but had got the wrong day following a genuine mishap.

Magistrates disqualified Freeman for eight weeks for his “terrible driving”.

He was also fined £180, ordered to pay £105 costs and a £34 victim surcharge.

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