‘She took it the wrong way’: Man denies attempted sex attack

Carrow Hill in Norwich. Police are appealing for a passer-by who helped a woman who was being attack

Carrow Hill in Norwich. Police are appealing for a passer-by who helped a woman who was being attacked there to get in touch with them. Pic: Dan Grimmer. - Credit: Archant

A man accused of grabbing a woman and dragging her away to have sex with her said he had been trying to point her in the right direction as she was lost.

Carrow Hill in Norwich. Pic: Dan Grimmer.

Carrow Hill in Norwich. Pic: Dan Grimmer. - Credit: Archant

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had been on her way to start a new job when she got lost and ended up in Carrow Hill at about 5.25am, on October 13 last year.

Norwich Crown Court has heard she was grabbed by the man, who told her he wanted to have sex with her and tried to drag her off to a garden or alleyway.

Anesu Nzanga, 37, a medical student, formerly of Bracondale, Norwich, has denied committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence and has denied an alternative charge of assault by beating on the same date.

Giving evidence on Thursday (September 26), Nzanga told Andrew Thompson, defending, that he saw the woman walking near his Bracondale home.

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He said: "I saw her across the road. She appeared to be looking on her phone and looking for directions.

He added: "I thought she was trying to find her way somewhere."

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The defendant said he "crossed the road to assist".

He said he tried to help by explaining to her that she needed to go down Carrow Hill to get to where she needed to but she was not listening.

He said she appeared more focused on her phone.

He said he touched her on her shoulder and then on her wrist to try and "redirect her".

But she "flicked" the defendant and told him to leave her alone.

Earlier he told Mr Thompson he had felt "a bit tipsy" following about eight pints of cider and lager the night before.

After having made it home shortly after 5.20am on October 13 last year he was having a cigarette outside his home when he saw the woman.

He told the jury of seven men and five women he was a "bubbly person" who was quite "tactile"

He said that "physical touching" was part of the way he communicates.

Previously the court has heard that during his police interview Nzanga denied he had attacked the woman or that he had any sexual thoughts in his mind.

He said: "All I did was to try to help, but she took it the wrong way."

Nzanga added: "I never tried to force myself on her."

The trial continues.

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