Doorman helped fend off robbers with wooden post in attack on man in city

Robert Scarles-Cole. PIC: Norfolk Constabulary.

Robert Scarles-Cole. PIC: Norfolk Constabulary. - Credit: Archant

A dog walker has described how he bravely leapt into action and used a wooden post to try and fend off two men who were trying to steal a bag from a man they had attacked and threatened to stab.

Bob, with his dog Paul near to the scene of the attempted robbery in Douro Place, Norwich. PIC: Pete

Bob, with his dog Paul near to the scene of the attempted robbery in Douro Place, Norwich. PIC: Peter Walsh - Credit: Archant

The victim, a man in his 40s, had been walking through Douro Place in Norwich, when he was approached by two men, one of which threatened to stab him before he was punched in the face by the second man.

They had been trying to steal his bag before a passing dog-walker intervened to help the victim.

Bob, 40, who did not want to reveal his full name, said he had been taking his dog, Paul, for a walk when he came across three men who seemed to be "stumbling around" up ahead.

When he got closer Bob, a doorman, could see two men were punching the third man who was desperately trying to keep hold of his bag.

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Bob said: "I saw these two guys punching this man. He didn't let go of that bag at all - he stood his ground."

There were people looking on from windows as the attack continued but with no-one seeming to take any action, Bob stepped in and warned the attackers he was going to call the police if they did not stop.

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He said: "They weren't letting go so I called the police. I saw a wooden fence post and picked it up and gave them a warning."

While on the phone to police he told the men to "stay away or I will hit you".

The warning was repeated three times and one of the men ran off but the other man stayed and was struck across the chest.

He said: "He got a couple of hits because he went for me a couple of times. He eventually ran off and I went to see the victim and asked if he was alright."

But minutes later and one of the men returned.

Bob, who was still on the phone to police, warned the attacker to back off again but struck out at him when he refused.

He fell over on the grass before the police arrived and arrested him.

Earlier this month Robert Scarles-Cole, 33, of Bowman Place, Norwich, was sentenced to 28 months imprisonment after he admitted robbery following the incident which happened at about 4.10pm on November 14 last year.

Bob said the victim was "very grateful" for his help but insisted it was "disgusting" that others who had seen what was going on had not tried to help before he arrived.

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