Man ‘found responsible’ for drawing obscene images on Norfolk court and police buildings

Allan Scott, 38, failed to attend Norwich Magistrates Court on Thursday after he had previously admi

Allan Scott, 38, failed to attend Norwich Magistrates Court on Thursday after he had previously admitted having a letter opener, craft knife and craft knife blade at Great Yarmouth Council offices last year. PICTURE: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

A former high-achieving student, who suffered permanent brain damage in a road collision, has been found responsible for drawing obscene images on public buildings after the courts took control of his compensation for the crash.

The 26-year-old from Norwich, who is not being named, received substantial damages following the collision, involving his VW Polo and a Toyota Land Cruiser, on a sliproad in March 2012, but control of the payout was later transferred to the Court of Protection.

He was not considered fit to attend a 'finding of facts' hearing on Thursday, in Ipswich, where magistrates determined he was responsible for drawing obscene images on the walls of police and court buildings.

The first incident happened on October 17 at Cambridge police station, where he was found to have behaved in a threatening manner and drawn three obscene images on the wall of a private room, sprayed gap-filling expanding foam over a reception area floor, and spray-painted insulting words on interior and exterior walls.

Other incidents included:

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? On October 29, he sprayed eight obscene images on the pavement and wall of Wymondham police investigation centre

? On November 1, he drew an obscene image on the wall of chamber three at Norwich Crown Court.

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? Five days later, he threatened a magistrates' court custody officer that he would return to graffiti buildings and cars at the police investigation centre.

? Also on November 6, have head butted a police officer, while being arrested in Norwich on suspicion of threatening to carry out the damage.

? He returned to spray paint another obscene image on the ground at Wymondham police investigation centre on November 14.

On December 17, he squeezed red paint in the same shape outside the building.

? On December 19, he was back at Wymondham PIC to spray the beginnings of an obscene image on the pavement before being arrested by a custody sergeant.

? On February 26, he drew obscene images on a consultation room wall and table at Norwich Magistrates' Court.

? On March 20, he damaged the side and rear window of a Mitsubishi Outlander belonging to a magistrate and parked outside the court.

The hearing was adjourned until May 23 for the defendant to undergo further medical assessment.

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