Tribute to ‘kind and caring’ mum after alcohol-related death

Norfolk Coroners Court. Photo: ANTONY KELLY

Norfolk Coroners Court. Photo: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A tribute has been paid to a mum who died after consuming an excessive amount of alcohol.

An inquest into the death of Lucy Primett, 44, of South Street, Sheringham, took place at Norfolk Coroner’s on Thursday.

A letter about Ms Primett, who died at home on July 6, was read out during the hearing.

The letter, from a close friend and former partner, Richard Clovier, said Ms Primett would be remembered as a “kind and caring person with a charismatic personality”.

It read: “Lucy was so loved by those who were close to her. A part of Lucy continues to survive through her son who she was so proud of and loved so much.”

Yvonne Blake, area coroner for Norfolk, said Ms Primett’s medical cause of death was acute alcohol toxicity due to chronic alcohol abuse.

Ms Blake gave a short-form conclusion of ‘alcohol-related death’.

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She said Ms Primett had been through childhood abuse and domestic violence in her life, and she was first diagnosed with depression in 2000.

She said Ms Primett had a surprise visit from her son not long before she died.

She had also been seeing the CGL Norfolk Alcohol and Drug Behavioural Change Service.

Ms Blake said: “She has had some previous emotional and physical traumas during her marriage and had a subsequent assault.

“She basically drank because she couldn’t cope with the stress that remembering these things caused her.

“She missed her son and loved him very much. She had tried to stop drinking on several occasions and was continuing to try. She was warned of the risks of continuing to drink.

“She would have periods when she wouldn’t drink for several days in a row but then she would binge for several days, and that was what she was doing at the time of her death.”

When Ms Primett was found unconscious at home, paramedics were called, but they were unable to revive her.

The inquest was opened on July 24.

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