Lidl to 'monitor the situation' after town centre trolley blockade

North Walsham Lidl. Picture: Casey Cooper-Fiske

North Walsham Lidl, where trollies were positioned to form a blockade across Yarmouth Road. - Credit: Casey Cooper-Fiske

Lidl says it will "monitor the situation" in the car park of one of its stores after reports its trollies were being used to blockade a nearby road.

On Monday and Tuesday last week, drivers in North Walsham reported seeing the shopping carts positioned across Yarmouth Road, between the supermarket and the Roys store opposite, to form a barricade.

A Lidl spokeswoman said the company was "concerned" to hear about the blockade and promised the situation would be monitored.

She said: "We were concerned to learn of this happening, although the team have confirmed that it’s not something they are aware of.

"Nevertheless they will monitor the situation and take any further action as necessary."

One woman, whose daughter was forced to take an alternate route when she encountered the trollies at about 1am on Tuesday said she was concerned about the motives of those involved.

In a message posted to Facebook, she said: ""She was tempted to take a photo or move them so she could continue with her journey, but wisely thought it was not a good idea to leave the safety of her car especially being a lady on her own. 

"As she swung her car round to drive down Yarmouth Road and Spencer Avenue instead, she spotted someone running away. 

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"Were they just kids messing around or someone with more sinister motives?"

More than 50 commenters replied to her Facebook post asking if they had seen the trollies, with many confirming they too had encountered the barricade.

One commenter said they had often seen a group of teenagers in the area late at night "messing about in the road" and shouting.

Police could be seen clearing up the trolleys during the night, with a spokesman saying officers had not been called to the incident and had simply come across the trollies while out on patrol.

Officers are now investigating the incident, with anyone with information on the barricade asked to contact North Walsham Safer Neighbourhood Team via email at:

Police also advised anyone who witnesses further incidents where items are blocking a carriageway to call 999 immediately as it is considered to be an emergency.