Lidl chains up trollies to stop town centre road barricades

The trolley blockade on Yarmouth Road in North Walsham on Sunday night.

Lidl hopes to have stopped trolley barricades in North Walsham after it chained up its trollies - Credit: Submitted

Troublemakers blockading a town centre road with trollies from Lidl have prompted the supermarket to chain them up at night.

Trolley barricades were first reported in Yarmouth Road in North Walsham on Tuesday, March 28, and they continued throughout April.

Lidl originally said it was monitoring the situation but now the German supermarket giant has acted, chaining up its trollies and looking into other measures to stop the people responsible.

Since measures were taken, no further blockades have been reported with a Lidl spokesperson saying it was continuing to monitor the situation.

Police said there had been no further developments in their attempts to find those responsible.

Anyone with information on the incidents is urged to contact North Walsham Safer Neighbourhood Team via email at:

If a road is barricaded, town folk have been told to call 999 immediately as items blocking the carriageway are considered to be an emergency.