Bungling car thieves dump £92,000 Range Rover


Becci Terrey, whose £92,000 Range Rover was stolen from outside her home in Hunstanton by keyless car thieves - Credit: Chris Bishop

Keyless car thieves abandoned a £92,000 Range Rover after they immobilised it by mistake as they tried to disable its tracker.

The Range Rover Westminster was taken from caterer Becci Terrey's home in Hunstanton in the early hours of Tuesday.

Miss Terrey called police after she heard the car being driven off her gravel drive at around 1.45am. Officers were on the scene within minutes.

While the gang escaped, the car was found abandoned down a nearby lane.

stolen RR

The Range Rover seen on Miss Terrey's home CCTV (right) before it was stolen - Credit: Becci Terrey

Thieves rifled through the vehicle, leaving the contents of the boot strewn over the road.

"They couldn't disable the tracker," said Miss Terrey, 35. "They cut the ignition so it wouldn't start.

"Police from King's Lynn and Hunstanton and the dog team were here in seconds. They were superb, absolutely outstanding."

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Forensic officers have examined the car. Miss Terrey, who had owned the car for three months, now faces a large bill to have damaged wiring and its ignition system repaired.

Miss Terrey said she wanted to warn other keyless car owners of the risk from thieves. Gangs use an electronic device to clone the signal from the owner's key inside their home to trick the car's locking system into opening.

The theft happened a few days after a group of people were seen walking down the road looking into drives and gardens, although it is not known whether the two are connected.

"I just want people to keep an eye out for your vehicle," said Miss Terrey. "Keep an eye out for your goods, because these people are looking into your gardens."

Police say keyless car owners should keep the keys in a special secure Faraday pouch, which prevents a thief from being able to relay the signal to unlock the car and start the ignition. 

They also advise switching off the key if possible and using a crook lock or full cover steering wheel lock to immobilise your vehicle.

So far, no-one has been arrested for the Hunstanton theft. Police said the crime was still under investigation and anyone with information should call Sgt Jennifer Hills at Norfolk police  on 101.

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