Jail for 'Jekyll and Hyde' builder who made customer 'fear for her life'

Kyle Muir appeared before Norwich Magistrates' Court on Wednesday. Photo: Supplied

Kyle Muir appeared before Norwich Crown Court on Tuesday - Credit: Submitted

A builder who made a customer "fear for her life" when she reported a botched extension to trading standards has been described by his ex-partner as a "Jekyll and Hyde" character.

Kyle Muir, 25, of Middleton Road, Gorleston, appeared in Norwich Crown Court on January 19 in connection with multiple offences between August and October 2020.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of harassment without violence, four counts of criminal damage, two counts of assault, one count of affray and one count of possession of an offensive weapon at an earlier hearing.

Ms Mileham's "wonky wall", condemned by the building inspector. Photo: Vicki Mileham

Ms Mileham's "wonky wall", condemned by the building inspector - Credit: Archant

The harassment charges related to "sinister threats" Muir made to Vicki Mileham and her neighbour Asher Paniri between August 3-6, after Mr Paniri's Facebook post calling him a cowboy builder "incensed him".

Simon Connolly, prosecuting, said Ms Mileham "paid the defendant £56,000 for an extension to accommodate her wheelchair-bound husband", but was left with a broken relationship and a fear for her family's life after Muir said he'd "smash her house down" for exposing him.

The court heard in an interview with police on August 14 Muir admitted having "no remorse" about calling Mr Paniri a paedophile on Facebook, and wanted him to "lose his job" because "he'd started it".

The plastic sheets which are currently substituting for one of the walls of the property. Photo: Vic

The plastic sheets which for a long period of time were substituting for one of the walls at Ms Mileham's property - Credit: Archant

The court then heard that on September 19 Muir assaulted his ex-partner, smashing her TV and ripping down curtains in front of police.

Armed with knives, he refused to open the door to officers, and became obstructive when they managed to arrest him.

On October 19, he then visited his ex-partner's house in breach of bail conditions while in "one of his moods", and was described as acting like "Jekyll and Hyde".

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When she tried to get away, he ripped the wiper off her car and smashed her windscreen, before damaging a police vehicle and brandishing a metal bar at officers.

Muir, who has 67 previous offences, said of the September assault he was acting in self-defence, and claimed he was angry because his ex had poured his "large bag of cocaine" down the toilet.

He also said of the October incident that he himself called the police because "he needed help".

Kyle Muir appeared in Norwich magistrates' court for harassment charges against a former customer, b

Kyle Muir appeared in Norwich Crown Court for harassment charges against a former customer, assault, criminal damage, affray and possession of an offensive weapon - Credit: Submitted

Judge Anthony Bate said he had "no choice" but to send Muir back to prison, where he has been for the last three months. 

At the hearing, Muir said he was "sorry to everyone involved" - and wanted to work on his anger management.

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison and subjected to restraining orders against the victims.

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