King’s Lynn police will continue to break down doors after 168 drug raids in 18 months

Dealers warned as police see crime fall in West Norfolk

Police in West Norfolk have carried out a drugs raid roughly every 3 days over the last 18 months as part of a major crackdown.

In a stark message to dealers, Supt Dave Marshall says officers will continue breaking down doors to ensure the proactive policing deters them from putting drugs on the streets.

Officers have so far executed 160 warrants across the patch - a major increase on the 68 in the previous 18 months.

'It's not a flash in the pan and we are taking positive action to move things forward in terms of areas people are concerned about,' said Supt Marshall.

'Information comes from a variety of sources and we act on it. It's not just about drugs - it's about getting the message across that we will not tolerate it. We will continue breaking down doors where we have to,' he added.

'We work hard to tackle drugs at every stage of the chain, whether it is shutting down cannabis factories, locking-up dealers or tackling those that use drugs in and around the town.'

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The proactive method appears to be having positive results with crime figures continuing to fall.

Latest statistics show a reduction of 254 reports of crime in the key areas of burglary (both dwelling and non-dwelling), theft of motor vehicles, theft from motor vehicles and assault.

This time last year there were 953 reports within those categories, and this year it stands at 699.

'We have seen a 16pc reduction in crime since April, and that is on top of a 10pc reduction last year. I am extremely pleased,' said Supt Marshall.

He added that a number of crimes in the priority categories would have been committed to fund a drug habit.

'It is about focus and if we have got people that will engage with us we will work to help them, in terms of changing behaviour. If they do not want to change, then we will be knocking on doors at all hours and stopping them in the street. We know who they are.'

An innovative pilot scheme being run in Lynn is seeing known offenders volunteering to be electronically tagged in a bid to keep out of trouble.

'If something happens then we don't have to knock their door down because we know it wasn't them because of the tag. It's a pilot project and offenders are coming forward to take part because they want to change,' said Supt Marshall.

The latest drugs raid was carried out in North Lynn on Tuesday afternoon when one man was arrested at an address in Newlands Avenue and a quantity of white powder was recovered from the address.

The raid came after drug sniffer-dogs were used in King's Lynn on Friday night in an operation run in conjunction with pubs and clubs.

Some 233 people were stopped, 11 searched by the dogs with two positive results. An amnesty bin also saw two separate items of drugs deposited.

Earlier this week a Lynn man was jailed for seven years at Norwich Crown Court after being found guilty of intent to supply heroin.

The Saddlebow Road home of Luke Chilvers, 33, was raided in August last year and he appeared at court on Monday.

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