Shoplifter got himself arrested to try to smuggle drugs in Kinder egg containers into jail



A man got himself arrested for shoplifting as a way to try to smuggle drugs into Norwich prison hidden in Kinder egg containers.

Jamie Burns, 32, was arrested for stealing alcohol but when placed in a police cell he admitted to officers he had heroin, cocaine and cannabis hidden in Kinder egg containers, which he was planning to try to smuggle in to Norwich prison, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Jude Durr, prosecuting, said Burns revealed he had the containers while in his cell and told officers: “I thought I better tell you about these.”

Mr Durr said: “He had the intention to transport these drugs into prison and supply them from there.”

The court heard Burns had been put under pressure to take drugs into prison.

Burns, of Northgate, Lowestoft, admitted possession of heroin and cocaine with intent to supply on August 2, last year.

He also admitted possession of cannabis with intent to supply on the same date.

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The court heard he had a history of offending with 35 convictions for 84 offences.

Burns, who refused to attend the sentencing hearing, was dealt with in his absence having previously been warned his case would go ahead if it happened again.

At a previous hearing, in May. the court was told he refused to leave his cell and Burns was warned next time his case would be dealt with in his absence.

His barrister Rob Pollington, told the court that Burns had taken the decision not to attend the hearing and said he had been put under pressure to try to take drugs into prison.

He said: “He was under pressure to get himself arrested and bring drugs into prison. That was what his intention was. He changed his mind while in custody.”

Mr Pollington said that Burns had accepted that he would get a custodial sentence.

Jailing him for 32 months, Judge Stephen Holt said that Burns had been warned that his case would go ahead if he did not turn up.

He said: “He is not here today and that is his choice.”

Judge Holt said Burns had intended to try to take the drugs into prison, but accepted that there had been some coercion

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