McDonald's meals and old cycling gloves among thank-you gifts to police

A McDonald's meal for three was among some of the diverse gifts given to Norfolk police officers.

A McDonald's meal for three was among some of the diverse gifts given to Norfolk police officers. - Credit: Archant

A McDonald's meal for three, boxes of donuts and an old pair of cycling gloves are among some of the diverse gifts given to police officers.  

A small Malaysian dress and a small wooden figurine were also among some of the weird and wonderful gifts offered by members of the public.

Between April to September 2021, Norfolk Constabulary staff received gifts worth a total of £2,566.50.

Each one is recorded on the constabulary's register of gifts and hospitality, which shows whether donations were accepted, rejected and their perceived value.

The most frequently gifted items were foods, with chocolate a particularly popular thank-you to officers, including boxes of Heroes and a single donation of 23 Dairy Milk bars.

Other edible gifts included a pizza from Brick Pizza on Norwich Market, Tesco and Greggs meal deals, several cakes, boxes of biscuits and £60 given for a takeaway meal.

The most expensive single item on the register was the use of a Toyota Corolla GR Sport, the loan of which to the constabulary in May was valued at £514.89.

Staff were also given the use of a Mini Cooper twice in April, as well as use of Ford, Hyundai, Kia and Skoda vehicles. 

Police enforcing the lockdown in Cromer. The police have released new guidelines about what is consi

Norfolk police out in Cromer during lockdown - throughout the pandemic officers received gifts and 'thank-you' presents from the general public. - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

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The lowest value items were a gift of eggs and fruit, a bunch of bananas, a packet of biscuits and a Mr Kipling cake, each valued at £1.

Other unusual items included a speed sign valued at £30, a book titled Holkham and some crayons. 

While the majority of gifts are accepted by staff, those which were declined included eight bottles of wine, a bottle of gin and a £100 golf day. 

A Norfolk Constabulary spokesman said: “All officers, staff and volunteers are required to declare any offer or acceptance of a gift and this is closely monitored by the professional standards department. Many of these gifts are often from the community as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

“Most offers of a gift are politely refused unless it is considered that a refusal would cause offence and in these situations, the gift is accepted and the officer reports their acceptance to the professional standards department.”

Higher value gifts are considered on a case-by-case basis by chief officers and in “many instances the gift is forwarded to a local charity or other deserving cause and are often donated as raffle prizes”, they added.

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