Inspector sacked after paragliding accident while on restricted duties

An inquest into the death of a Thetford 29-year-old will cover the handling of a call to Norfolk pol

Norfolk Police headquarters where a misconduct hearing was held for Inspector Julian Moulton. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2011

A Norfolk police inspector who was injured during a paragliding accident abroad while on restricted duties from the force has been sacked.

Inspector Julian Moulton was on restricted duties having told Norfolk Police that he was in "significant pain" and unstable on his feet.

But Inspector Moulton then was hurt during a paragliding accident overseas resulting in further injuries which "impeded his return to work".

But he did not tell his bosses the injuries were as a result of a paragliding accident and made attempts to cover up how he was hurt.

A misconduct hearing held at Norfolk Police's Wymondham headquarters by Peter Nicholls, a legally qualified chair, found Inspector Moulton was dishonest when stating how he had sustained his injuries.

The account the officer gave of his physical impairment resulting from his existing injury was dishonest and untrue given that he was able to engage in paragliding ground manoeuvres.

Therefore the officer’s conduct was found to have breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour and was dismissed without notice.

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Inspector Moulton has a right of appeal to a Police Appeals Tribunal.

Following the misconduct hearing, held at the end of last year, a spokesman for Norfolk Police said: "We expect the highest level of personal and professional behaviour from all of our officers but Julian Moulton was found to have fallen far short of those expectations.

"Julian Moulton reported being unable to carry out his full role due to a medical condition and as such was placed on restricted duties.

"This meant that he did not work full hours and was limited in the tasks that could be given to him.

"Whilst on restricted duties, he was involved in an accident whilst taking part in paragliding activities overseas during which he sustained further injuries. In addition, Julian Moulton was found to have not been honest about how these injuries were sustained.

"Such behaviour clearly breaches the high levels of integrity we expect from our officers. We recognise that the actions of Julian Moulton risk undermining public confidence in policing.

"We also know that his hard working former colleagues will feel let down by his actions.

"It is important that the outcome of these hearings are publicised so that communities and our workforce are aware of action taken by the force when conduct falls short of the standards expected."

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