Inmate who threw urine over prison guard claims he had been threatened

Wayland Prison

Wayland Prison Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

A vulnerable prisoner who feared he was going to be stabbed by another inmate threw urine and faeces over a prison officer after being threatened, a court has heard.

Paul Burdon, 27, was an inmate at Wayland Prison when he threw a pot of urine and faeces over the back of a prison officer who was walking past.

Laura Kenyon, prosecuting, said the officer felt “humiliated” about what happened after a number of other prisoners made comments.

Miss Kenyon said Burdon apologised, saying sorry at the time, before sending a letter of apology.

She said he had wanted to get moved off the wing after as a result of being bullied.

He had said he committed the offence, known as potting, as he was told he would be stabbed if he did not.

Miss Kenyon said Burdon “became a target” owing to debts belonging to his brother, a former prisoner, having been passed onto him.

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Burdon, from London, appeared at court on Tuesday, November 17 having previously admitted administering a noxious substance with intent in February this year.

He also admitted two offences of unauthorised possession of a blade in prison after a sharpened tooth brush and toilet brush were found following a search of his cell in March this year.

Miss Kenyon said Burdon had been found with a cut lip by prison staff but refused medical treatment and was heard to make a reference to getting his shank, which refers to a weapon.

The court heard his cell was searched and he was found with the pointed tooth brush while the sharpened toilet brush was found under his pillow.

John Morgans, mitigating, accepted these were “horrible offences” but said Burdon, who has ADHD and learning difficulties, was “so vulnerable in prison it’s almost unbelievable”.

Mr Morgans said Burdon had been told by others about debts, whether real or imaginary, accrued by his brother who had also been a prisoner and did as he was told.

He added Burdon had been “put under severe pressure from others amounting almost to duress” and was taken advantage of by others “preying upon his weaknesses”.

Jailing Burdon for a total of 28 months, Judge Katharine Moore said they were “extremely unpleasant” and “so serious” that only immediate custody could be justified.

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