Illegal workers arrested at Norwich Indian takeaway Rice and Spice

An Indian takeaway was raided by the UK Border Agency yesterday and two workers were arrested.

Officers raided Rice and Spice in Earlham House on Earlham Road shortly before 6pm.

The UKBA said their checks revealed two of the eight employees had no permission to be in the UK.

The men, both from Bangladesh, were working in the kitchen.

One, aged 45, entered the country illegally and the other, aged 22, had overstayed his visa, according to the UKBA.

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Both were taken into detention while work to remove them from the country is carried out.

Rice and Spice now faces a potential fine of up to �20,000 – unless it can prove that legally required pre-employment checks were carried out.

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Immigration Officer Kieran Bower said: 'Our message to businesses that choose to use illegal labour is clear – we will find you and we will take the strongest possible action.

'The UK Border Agency is determined to stamp out the problem of illegal working. Immigration crime places huge strain on the public purse and exploits vulnerable individuals.

'Our officers rely on intelligence to find businesses who seek to cheat the rules. We would urge anyone with specific information about suspected illegal working to get in touch.'

Anyone who has information on suspected immigration offenders can visit or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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