Horsebox driver who struck house admits ‘I know I what I did was wrong’

The horsebox struck a house on Crown Street in Banham. File photo. Picture Google.

The horsebox struck a house on Crown Street in Banham. File photo. Picture Google. - Credit: Archant

A driver who struck a house with a horsebox and then gave false details to the owner told magistrates 'I know what I did was wrong'.

Dean Goldsack hit the guttering and fascia of the property on Crown Street in Banham on July 15 last year while driving a Mercedes horsebox.

The unemployed 53-year-old, of Monarch Close, Wymondham, stopped at the scene and spoke to the homeowner, but gave them his friend's details.

He was later caught by police and found to have the wrong type of licence for the vehicle and no third party insurance.

Prosecutor Waseem Raja told Norwich Magistrates' Court that Goldsack made a full admission during the police interview.

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He said Goldsack told officers he gave the wrong details to the homeowner as he 'panicked'.

Mr Raja said: 'He stated his driving licence was wrong and that his friend owned the vehicle and was insured.'

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Goldsack, who represented himself in court on Monday, said he hit the building after trying to avoid a 'little car' that was coming towards him.

He said: 'I didn't drive off, I stopped and found the people [the building's owners].

'I panicked and I did lie.

'I do know what I did was wrong, but there were certain things that led up to me driving.'

Goldsack told magistrates he had been banned from driving four years earlier, but did previously have a licence to drive seven-and-a-half tonne vehicles.

In January this year he was convicted of driving without due care, driving without third party insurance and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence – all relating to the July 15 offence.

He was given nine points on his licence, disqualified for six months and must pay £260 to the court.

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