Drugs factory worker who hid cash under bed must pay back £42k

Headshot of Hasan Bardhi

Hasan Bardhi, 26, was found to have hidden the cash when police searched his address after discovering a cannabis factory - Credit: NORFOLK POLICE

A man involved in running a cannabis factory in Great Yarmouth has been ordered to pay back more than £42,000 which was cash seized by police from under his bed.

Hasan Bardhi, 26, was found to have hidden the large amount of cash when police searched his address after discovering a cannabis factory at a house in Churchill Road, which had plants with a street value of between £40,000 and £56,000, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Bardhi was arrested near the scene and when they searched another address found more than £42,000 hidden under Bardhi's bed.

Bardhi was jailed for 33 months, in January, this year, but was back at court for a hearing on Wednesday to claw back cash made from the cannabis production. Bardhi appeared over a link from Huntercombe Prison, in Oxfordshire, and had the help of an Albanian interpreter for the hearing.

Duncan O'Donnell, prosecuting said that the benefit figure for Bardhi was put at £49,926 and said the realisable amount available for confiscation was £42,261.

He said the cash was already being held by police as it had been seized at the time of his arrest.

Mr O'Donnell also asked for the destruction of cannabis seized and also the confiscation of the equipment..

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Robert Cowley, for Bardhi said that the confiscation figure was agreed with the prosecution.

Judge Andrew Shaw made the confiscation order and said that Bardhi should serve 12 months in default of not paying the cash. 

At Bardhi's sentencing hearing, the court heard that Bardhi had a middle manager role in the cannabis operation. but accepted there were others higher up the chain involved  in running the cannabis factory.

The court was told that he was not organising production but was looking after a large amount of cash, which was found hidden under his bed.

When arrested Bardhi tried to claim he had won the cash on football bets.

At the time of his arrest for the Great Yarmouth matter he had been on bail for production of cannabis in the Wolverhampton area, for which he was later jailed  for nine months.

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