Former police employee sold goods stolen from constabulary on eBay

Norfolk Constabulary's headquarters in Wymondham. Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN

Norfolk Constabulary's headquarters in Wymondham. Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN - Credit: Archant

A former police employee who sold car parts belonging to the force on eBay was snared when one was purchased by an undercover officer, a court has heard.

Scott Allcock spent 18 years working for Norfolk Constabulary as a parts officer, with his role being to order equipment such as tyres to be used by the police.

However, he “fell on his sword” after it was discovered he had sold tyres, a fog light and an inflation kit belonging to the constabulary on the online auction site.

Appearing at Norwich Magistrates Court on Friday, Allcock, 40, and of Kendal Close, in Hethersett, admitted to five charges relating to the incidents, including fraud and theft by employee.

Elle Sheerin, prosecuting, said: “This case revolves around his job - he worked for 18 years as a parts officer for the police. His role was to order parts to be used by Norfolk Constabulary.

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“He was discovered when a tyre inflation kit he was selling was purchased by an undercover police officer.”

The court heard how one of the items he had taken was a fog light for a Skoka, which he sold for just £10, while the inflation kit made him £40.

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After being found out, Allcock tended his resignation, ending a career spanning almost two decades.

Ian Fisher, mitigating, said: “He said the tyres had been lying around for a long time, so he took them, but he realises now it was wrong.

“He fell on his sword when the matter came to light and brought about a very uncomfortable end to 18 years of employment.”

Mr Fisher added that the items were taken from an “auction box” in the police depot, where items no longer of use are placed to be auctioned off in order to raise additional funds for the constabulary.

He added: “There was almost a laissez faire attitude towards it and he would not have been the only person to take something out of the box - although he is not blaming anybody else for what happened.”

Allcock was ordered to pay the court £1,439.62, including a £1,000 fine and £194.62 in compensation to Norfolk Constabulary.

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