Female police officer suffers fractured eye socket and broken nose in city attack

Prince of Wales Road at night. Picture: Denise Bradley

Prince of Wales Road at night. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2012

A female police officer suffered a broken eye socket and nose during an attack on King Street in Norwich.

She was one of three officers who suffered injuries during the incident shortly after midnight on Saturday morning (May 18).

Another male officer was bitten, while a third was punched multiple times in the face.

Norfolk Police Federation chairman Andy Symonds condemned the attack, claiming the level of violence against police was "becoming the norm".

He said: "They [the officers] were all assaulted by the same suspect. It was a particularly violent male.

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"This is one of the worst attacks we have had in a while. It's not just the physical element, it's the psychological impact it can have too."

The female officer was taken to hospital, but has since been discharged.

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Meanwhile, the two other male officers did not require hospital treatment.

Mr Symonds said the attacker had been arrested.

He said there was not enough of a deterrent to stop attacks on police, despite the introduction of the Assaults on Emergency Workers Act last year.

The new law increased the maximum jail term for those who assault emergency workers from six to 12 months.

Mr Symonds said: "I have been a bit disappointed by some of the cases that have gone to court. The results are not what we expect and they do not offer that deterrent."

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