Man 's tearful plea to judge as he is jailed for attacking ex-partner

Norwich Crown Court

Daniel Muzumara pleaded with judge at Norwich Crown Court - Credit: Judd

A tearful defendant dropped to his knees and started pleading with a judge after being jailed for attacking his former partner.

Daniel Muzumara, 31, was said to be in a toxic relationship with his ex-partner and the two argued after she found out he had been seeing another woman, who he went on to have a child with, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Hugh Vass, prosecuting, said the pair, who had been drinking and taken drugs, were staying at a hotel in Great Yarmouth on September 9, last year, when they  started fighting and Muzumara is said to have stamped on the victim's head with a shod foot during the attack.

Mr Vass said in a statement the victim claimed Muzumara stamped on her bruising the left side of her face and also grabbed her by the collar.

Mr Vass said the victim suffered bruising but fortunately no fractures, as she had been checked at the James Paget University Hospital, in Gorleston.

Muzumara of Oxton Close, Colchester, admitted causing actual bodily harm to the victim but when Judge Alice Robinson passed a nine month sentence a tearful Muzumara fell to his knees and kept pleading with the judge, before being led down to the cells shouting.

Judge Robinson also imposed a restraining order on Muzumara not to contact the victim.

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She told Muzumara "You and your partner had an argument which became physical as a result of you telling her that you had been with another woman  and with whom you fathered  a child."

She said it was a sustained assault. She said he stamped on the victim with a shod foot and had shown no remorse.

"You did not display any remorse in your behaviour and have placed blame on the victim."

Oliver Haswell, defending, said it was a toxic relationship and they had both consumed drink and drugs.

"There was a two-way argument that had begun after his disclosure that he had in fact fathered a child with another woman."

He said  Muzumara who came from Zimbabwe, had a difficult upbringing and was fighting a move to deport him.

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