Council applies for bailiff warrant to take back flat from tenant with 850 complaints

The block of flats in Pelham Road where the tenant was evicted from. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

The block of flats in Pelham Road where the tenant was evicted from. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2019

Bailiffs will be used to take back a Norwich flat from a woman who has more than 800 complaints against her.

People living near to the tenant on Pelham Road claim they have spent years putting up with regular drug use, shouting and fighting.

It resulted in Norwich City Council being granted a possession order from the courts in March to evict the woman from the flat.

Now that the 28 days to appeal the order have passed, council solicitors have applied for a bailiff's warrant to take back the property.

It is understood the flat has been boarded up by police and is currently unoccupied.

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Norwich County Court heard last month how there had been 850 complaints made against the tenant relating to various forms of anti-social behaviour.

District Judge Helen Gilbertson said at the time it was clear the council had done all it could to try and help her turn her situation around.

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She said: 'This has been going on for a number of years and they [the council] have done everything they can to support this tenancy.

'It is clear from the most recent statement that neighbours really are at breaking point.'

The court heard how noise complaints related to barking dogs and arguments.

But neighbours had also reported issues with rotting food, drug paraphernalia and broken furniture around her property.

Judge Gilbertson said residents had even resorted to taking sleeping pills to get rest at night.

Speaking about the eviction, a council spokesman said: 'Tenants have 28 days to appeal against possession orders before we can start the process to take back a property.

'Now that the appeal window has passed in this case, our solicitors have applied for a bailiff's warrant.'

Anyone facing homelessness is entitled to contact the council for housing advice, but previous tenancy breaches may mean they are not eligible to join the housing register.

One of the tenant's neighbours, who did not wish to be named, said: 'Five out of seven days are a living hell here, especially when you are not someone who partakes in drugs or drink.

'There is so much drug taking and then there is the arguing at all hours of the night.

'I've even had cat mess put through my door.'

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