Great Yarmouth rape trial told woman did not consent to sex with men

Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth.
Picture: James Bass

Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth where a woman had been to a club before being allegedly raped by two men at a fast food outlet in the town. - Credit: James Bass

A woman who was allegedly raped by two men at a fast food outlet following a night out on the coast said she did not consent to what happened.

The woman, in her 20s, had gone out in Great Yarmouth with friends before waking up in USA Fried Chicken and Pizza in the town where she is said to have been raped by two men.

Norwich Crown Court heard the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had gone to the Empire club on Marine Parade in Yarmouth but was "highly intoxicated" and cannot remember leaving.

She woke up in the fast food outlet on St Peter's Road in the town where she was allegedly being raped by Alexandru Puscoci, 21, and Ionut Mitrea, 33.

Puscoci, of Cobbs Place, Yarmouth, and Mitrea, of St Peters Road, Yarmouth, have gone on trial having both denied rape on July 12/13 2019.

Appearing in court on Thursday (July 29) the woman, who had given her evidence via video interview, was cross examined by Andrew Oliver, defending Puscoci, and Matthew McNiff, defending Mitrea.

The woman was asked by Mr Oliver whether she asked Puscoci if she could “go back to his” but said: "No I did not”.

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Mr Oliver asked her whether she remembered pulling Pusoci towards a taxi.

She said: “No. I don’t recall pulling him towards a taxi.”

Mr Oliver put it to her that she and his client kissed bit she replied: “Not that I recall”.

He suggested she got undressed and they had sex.

Mr Oliver said: “Do you remember that?”

She said: “No”.

Mr Oliver asked whether it was possible she regretted what happened that night.

She said: “I don’t know what happened”.

Mr Oliver said: “And that’s why you said you blacked out?”

She said: “I did black out”.

Mr McNiff said after Pusoci left things got “hot” after she had established his client was “quite a handsome chap”.

She said: “I don’t recall, no.”

Mr McNiff said she was “not just consenting” in what had happened but “actively taking part”.

She said: “No," adding: “I don’t know what happened, I blacked out”.

Mr McNiff suggested his client said that at no point did the woman say no or that it was “something you didn’t want”.

She said: “I didn’t consent to it”.

The trial continues.

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