Teenager threatened to kill shopkeeper after being caught stealing sandwich

Express Stores, Great Yarmouth. GOOGLE MAPS

Express Stores, Great Yarmouth. GOOGLE MAPS - Credit: Archant

A teenager threatened to kill a shopkeeper and burn his store down after stealing a sandwich.

Sean Chikerama, of Clark Road, Bungay, stole the sandwiches from Express Store, on St Peter's Road in Great Yarmouth, after attempting to visit friends in the town.

After being caught stealing and leaving, the 19-year-old returned twice to threaten and assault the shopkeeper.

Nicola Pope, prosecuting, said: 'He entered the store and picked up a packet of sandwiches before putting them in his jacket, picking up another packet, and paying for them.

'He was seen on CCTV and confronted. A member of staff offered some money to pay for it because they were concerned about him, but he refused and returned it.

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'He left, but returned to the shop shortly afterwards and began threatening them, arguing that he wasn't stealing, before leaving for a second time.

'He returned again, this time walking in with his hood up and a hand down his trousers. Staff were concerned he had a knife and put a warning out over the speaker, at which point he pulled his trousers down to show he didn't.

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'He started throwing some items from the shelves at the member of staff before going outside and being locked out. He was heard shouting 'I will kill you and burn the shop down''.

Appearing at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, Chikerama pleaded guilty to theft, assault and being threatening and abusive in the incident, which began at 4.40am on the morning of November 24.

Arthur Balls, defending, said: 'There is a shopkeeper who did not deserve what happened to him.

'There was no intention to make it look like he had a weapon, it is just a generational thing to have their hands down their trousers.

'He agreed to meet his friends in Great Yarmouth but they failed to turn up, so had been drinking on his own.'

The factory worker, who has lived in Bungay for five years, was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work for the threats and assault offences. He was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £85 and court costs of £85.

No seperate penalty was made for the theft.

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