Relentless moped racers at Norwich park and ride driving people ‘mad’

Boy racers have been circling Norwich Airport Park and Ride on a nightly basis. Picture: Ruth Lawes

Boy racers have been circling Norwich Airport Park and Ride on a nightly basis. Picture: Ruth Lawes - Credit: Archant

Youths on mopeds are accused of driving residents near Norwich Airport 'mad' with their nightly races.

In a letter to neighbours on Holt Road in Hellesdon, one unnamed resident described the races, which happen from around 6.30pm-10.30pm every night around the Park and Ride at Norwich Airport, as "incredibly dangerous" and "hugely disruptive".

The group is believed to comprise four young men under the age of 21 on mopeds, who first appeared three months ago.

Residents said they had had heard loud music, shouting and revving of engines - and seen races between the mopeds at high speed.

One resident, who lives on Holt Road but did not want to be named, said: "It's absolute mayhem. There are screeching tyres and revving engines and they are all racing each other.

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"It's driving me bonkers. After work I just want to go home and chill but I can't because it's like Snetterton race track."

Denise Russell, who also lives on Holt Road, said that she struggled to sleep because of the noise and found the behaviour "abusive".

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Mrs Russell, who is retired, added: "I can't keep my windows open at night because of the noise, which is impossible in this heat. It's really testing my strength."

Another resident on Holt Road, Clive Fuller, highlighted the danger of the drag races. The 80-year-old said: "The boy racers just roar all the way from the Co-Op on Aylsham Road to the airport. My biggest concern is other people."

And for mother of two Sarah Keen, the presence of the boy racers was "quite intimidating". The 35-year-old said: "I don't like walking past them on my own. And hearing the noise is frustrating and annoying."

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police said: "Officers are aware of the cases of anti-social behaviour at Norwich Airport Park and Ride. Officers have been deployed to the area since being notified and have been patrolling the area and will continue to do so.

"Officers have taken these reports very seriously and will be ensuring that those areas are continually being patrolled to stop any further incidents of the same nature."

A spokesperson for Norfolk County Council said: "We are aware of the current issues with antisocial behaviour at the site and will be increasing our security presence in the area."

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