Supermarket bans 13-year-old for life following theft and reports of anti-social behaviour

Swaffham town centre where a 13-year-old boy has been banned from a supermarket for life. Picture: I

Swaffham town centre where a 13-year-old boy has been banned from a supermarket for life. Picture: IAN BURT - Credit: IAN BURT

A 13-year-old boy has been banned for life from a Norfolk supermarket following theft and anti-social behaviour.

It comes after a 999 call to Norfolk police on Monday, April 15 when a pair of school-aged boys were seen causing damage by spray painting a wall while on the roof of an unoccupied building in Swaffham town centre.

The youths had left the area by the time officers arrived at the scene.

The next day, at around 2.30pm, officers were alerted again during a routine foot patrol that the two boys were on the building's rooftop once more.

Attending officer PC Adam Wengrow said: 'The owner of the building managed to get photos of the boys as they ran off and emailed them to police.

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'When police attended on April 16, following the 999 call, again there was no trace of the males and no further damage.'

Then at 7.40pm, the pair who were believed to be the same boys from the photograph were spotted by officers .

Mr Wengrow said: 'One of the boys, aged 13, was searched again only for items used to cause criminal damage, but when he opened his bag, he showed me two bottles of WKD. It's not a drink for a 13-year-old.

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'I asked him how he got those and he broke down in tears and told me he had just stolen them from a local supermarket.

'We went and spoke to the supermarket, who were happy the items were recovered.

'The outcome was decided with a community resolution due to the boy's age.'

The stolen items were returned to the store for re-sale and the boy was banned for life from the supermarket.

'We hope that now have the message out to the children that playing on the roofs of buildings is not acceptable and can be very dangerous,' he said.

'It's also a nuisance to the owners.

'We ask that if children are to be out in Swaffham, they stay safe and away from roof tops.

'There are plenty of parks and grasslands that are suitable for gathering.'

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