Thirteen arrests as police officer punched and squad car damaged

Norfolk Street, in King's Lynn, Picture: Chris Bishop

Police made 13 arrests in King's Lynn's Norfolk Street over the past two nights. - Credit: Chris Bishop

A police officer was punched, another was spat at and a police car was damaged as 13 people were arrested in one Norfolk street over the weekend.

Norfolk police made the arrests in King's Lynn's Norfolk Street on Friday (August 27) and Saturday (August 28).

Police tweeted that it had been a "busy couple of nights" for its Team 5 covering the town.

They said that one officer was spat at and another officer had been punched.

And a police car had its wing mirror kicked off, so cannot be used until it has been repaired.

They said a number of the arrests were of people who were drunk and disorderly.

The attacks were criticised by Andy Symonds, chairman of Norfolk Police Federation, which represents police officers.

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He said: "Back to the sad realities of policing public order after lockdowns. Officers assaulted, police cars damaged and lots of arrests.

"Officers are human beings and not there to be attacked because you’ve had too much to drink."

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