Mother ‘devastated’ after £400 pram is stolen from her front doorstep

Brittany Narbett thanked people for their help” after her daughter'’ stolen pram was returned to her

Brittany Narbett thanked people for their help” after her daughter'’ stolen pram was returned to her home in Dereham. Picture: BRITTANY NARBETT - Credit: Archant

A mother-of-two has been left 'devastated' after her daughter's pram was stolen from her front doorstep - just months after saving up the £400 needed to buy it.

Brittany Narbett, 19, of Pavilion Way in Dereham, returned home just before 11am on Tuesday February 19 with her two children, Alfie, aged two, and seven-month-old Layla-Mai.

She took part of the pram inside and left the frame on her doorstep to dry as it had become muddy. But just four hours later, she noticed that the frame of her light pink Bugaboo pram was missing from outside her house.

Now she has asked people in the local community for their help via Facebook to track it down.

Her post has been shared more than 240 times and some people have offered Miss Narbett a pram to use until hers can be found.

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Other Dereham residents expressed their concerns after another mother claimed the same thing had happened to her a few months ago.

'I left the pram frame to dry off outside as it was muddy,' Miss Narbett said.

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'I hope the person who has stolen my Bugaboo pram from my baby is happy and pleased with themselves as now my seven-month-old doesn't have a pram.

'My son also used the pram for his buggy board as didn't like walking far distances.

'It wasn't cheap and now I'm left without because of selfish people.'

Miss Narbett first purchased the pram two months ahead of her daughter's arrival after saving up hundreds of pounds for it.

She has now reported the incident to Norfolk police.

She added: 'They said they will log it as stolen but can't do anything about it being taken due to having no witnesses or CCTV.

'I'm absolutely devastated.'

- If you have any information of the whereabouts of the silver Bugaboo pram frame, or have any information relating to the crime, please contact Norfolk police via the non-emergency number on 101.

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