Court told of rape attack

A woman who claims she was raped at her home while her daughter slept upstairs yesterday described her ordeal in court.The 26-year-old, who can not be named for legal reasons, told Norwich Crown Court the attack took place after Christopher Bullard pushed his way into her house after knocking on her door on November 3.

A woman who claims she was raped while her daughter slept has described the ordeal at Norwich Crown Court.

The 26-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the attack took place after Christopher Bullard, 31, of Springbank, Lakenham, pushed his way into her house after knocking on her door on November 3. He denies rape.

Richard Potts, prosecuting, said that on the day of the alleged rape, the woman had been working and, at about 5pm, was on her way to pick up her three-year-old daughter from a friend. She called Bullard on his mobile phone and later bumped into him in the street.

The jury was told that in the past, Bullard had made sexual advances towards the woman but she had rejected them.

He repeated his desire to have sex with her but she told the court: "I said that wasn't going to happen as I had a partner."

She went home and later that night, as she put her daughter to bed, heard a knock at the door. The woman told the court: "It was Chris. I was surprised to see him because I had seen him earlier that day.

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"He asked to come in and, although I didn't want him to, I didn't want to seem rude. He pushed himself through the door and seem a bit aggressive."

They talked and Bullard fixed himself some food. Later she went to check on her daughter and he appeared at the top of the stairs.

She said he then pushed her into her room and pinned her down before having sex with her against her will. She added: "He started to undress me with a manner of force. He managed to get my top off, my trousers and pants down, not fully but to my shin.

"I asked him to get off, I didn't want it - I didn't want him but he just shrugged.

"I was laying with my back on the bed and he was on top of me, pushing down. He had his forearm on my neck and he had hold of my arm.

"I was trying to push him off and push him away from me so he would leave me alone. I just wanted to get out, just wanted him to get off and get out."

The woman said she made it clear she did not want sex. She said: "My answer was no, I didn't want sex, I didn't want sex with him."

She said she did not shout as she had not wanted to wake her daughter and have her see what was happening.

The case continues.