Counting all creatures great and small at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve

Wardens have this week had the unusual task of carrying out a stocktake of creatures at Pensthorpe Nature Reserve, near Fakenham.

Everything from the reserve's exotic Greater Flamingos and Manchurian Cranes, which are the biggest birds on the reserve at more than 6ft tall, to the smaller birds such as Waders and Bearded Reedlings, kept in aviaries, have to be counted in order to maintain the reserve's zoo licence.

Reporter Adam Lazzari and photographer Ian Burt shadowed reserve and conservation manager Tony Durkin as he carried out the stocktake.

He said: 'Sometimes it can take an hour or two trying to find one elusive bird that is hiding away in some reeds. These are wild animals and they don't stop and wait to be counted.'

For the full story, see tomorrow's EDP.

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