Councillor says plans for new homes in Shipdham could be an ‘accident waiting to happen’

The main road through Shipdham facing severe traffic congestion if new homes were to be built. Pictu

The main road through Shipdham facing severe traffic congestion if new homes were to be built. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

A Breckland councillor has said without careful planning the construction of new homes in Shipdham will become 'an accident waiting to happen'.

Breckland District Councillor Lynda Turner made the remarks after an application was submitted to Breckland District Council in June, proposing 90 new homes at a site north of Chapel Street and close to the village garage.

She said: 'The access road to the 90 houses will also serve another development, which has full planning permission at the front of this development, and fronting the A1075, which is for commercial and residential use.

'This will involve commercial vehicles accessing both a garage and a convenience store, as well as other traffic using both facilities, plus residential parking. In addition across the road Breckland Council themselves own a site, which in time will have 30 to 40 homes built on it.

'All three sites meet at a pinch point on the A1075, which already sees heavy traffic, as it is the route from Dereham through to Watton and beyond with no alternative. Highways and the planning committee must, consider all three sites together in order to manage traffic in and out of all three sites, in addition to the through traffic.

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'One hundred and ninety children access the school close by, many of them having to cross this road as well as many other residents. What the solution is, is a conundrum and will need all the expertise from key professionals to come up with a workable solution. Residents concern is safety. Without careful planning, and major construction, this will become a traffic congestion nightmare, and an accident waiting to happen.'

Her concerns were echoed by resident Geoff Hinchliffe, who said the application should not be considered in isolation and that all three developments must be examined before a decision is made.

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He said: 'The council has already outlined development plans for a site, including affordable housing for local people, which could be implemented in the near future.

'Quite apart from the construction traffic engendered by this development, and the associated road-front development already approved, the number of vehicles associated with 90 dwellings will be a major factor affecting both the safety and the well-being of the community.'

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