Councillor ‘appalled’ by Sheringham’s royal ‘snub’

Beeston Regis Parish Council vice-chairman Roy Beckley.

Beeston Regis Parish Council vice-chairman Roy Beckley.

Beeston Regis Parish Council has intervened to ensure children in the neighbouring village don't miss out.

A parish councillor has revealed he was 'appalled' to learn of a neighbouring council's royal snub.

Last week the North Norfolk News reported that every school child who lives in Sheringham will be presented with a special mug to commemorate the Queen's 90th birthday.

However, pupils who attend the town's schools from neighbouring areas will miss out.

Sheringham Town Council agreed the special gesture as part of the town's royal celebrations.

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Tonight (Wednesday), Beeston Regis Parish Council intervened to ensure children in the neighbouring village, who attend school in Sheringham, don't miss out.

It has agreed to pay for a commemorative coin for every child in its parish up to school leaving age - regardless of what school they attend.

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And councillors revealed they hoped it would set an example for other councils to follow.

Referring to the royal snub, Roy Beckley, vice-chairman of Beeston Regis Parish Council, said: 'It's not very nice for kids to be singled out. I think it's appalling.'

Sheringham Town Council had earlier heard there were around 1000 under 18s in the town and voted to limit their gift to those who attend school in the town in a bid to save money.

They also had the option of a commemorative bookmark and coin but opted for the mug - the most expensive option - as it was the only one being produced by a local business.

Councillor Patricia Brooks revealed she would approach other businesses for sponsorship to help pay for the 'unique' gift.

The meeting heard the mugs would not be ready in time for the Queen's birthday on April 21. They are expected to be presented during the official day of celebration in June.

Speaking at the time, councillor Peter Farley said: 'I think it's commendable and good to support local business.'

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