Readers split over whether June lockdown easing should happen

Prime Minister Boris Johnson makes a clenched fist as he campaigns on behalf of Conservative Party c

Prime minister Boris Johnson has a decision to make over whether or not the lockdown easing scheduled for June 21 will go ahead. - Credit: PA

June 21 is fast approaching, but we're still no closer to know whether or not the planned easing of Covid restrictions will go ahead.

It's seen as the end of lockdown, as the government hopes to "remove all legal limits on social contact".

It means large gatherings will be able to take place, nightclubs can open and there will be no limit on the number of people who can meet up, irrespective of whether it's indoors or outside.

While some social distancing and mask rules may remain, life will be more normal than it has been since the pandemic began – if it goes ahead.

Whether or not it should remains a hot topic of debate, with some keen to return to a more normal life but others wary of easing restrictions too soon amid worries over the Indian variant and possible new forms of the virus.

When we asked our readers for their views, Ola Carter had one particularly important plan in mind.

She said: "I don't mind if some restrictions remain such as masks on public transport and in cinemas, but I really want to be able to get married outside with more than 30 of my friends and family."

Cheryl George said she would prefer to keep social distancing and face masks, but said the easing should go ahead as "we need to have some normality back" and "variants will keep coming".

But Derek Pitman said he prefers a more cautious approach, and suggested waiting until July.

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"Better that than gambling on a third lockdown," he said.

Abbie Clements said: "As someone who hasn't had their jab yet and works with young adults, I would prefer for things to remain how they are at the moment! But only until everyone has has their first Covid jab.

And Sharon Wardle added: I'd rather live with how we are now than in full lockdown again, and gives us time for everyone to be offered the jab than open up.

"Having faced dealing with Covid first-hand in my job it’s not something I’d like to do again in a hurry."

After initial concerns that the easing would have to be delayed, health secretary Matt Hancock said he was "increasingly confident we’re on track for the roadmap".