Photographer takes ‘doorstep portraits’ of families during lockdown

During one April week Dereham’s Brett King was supposed to have been in Florida taking photos of a cage fighting tournament.

But the restrictions in place due to the coronavirus outbreak inevitably led to the cancellation of the event, so the 42-year-old photographer looked for something else to do with his time instead.

Mr King ended up doing a series of “doorstep portraits” of families so they would have something to send to relatives they were not able to see.

He said: “I heard stories where children couldn’t see their grandparents because of isolation, and that really touched a nerve.

“Being a father to three girls I knew how important it was to have memories during what is a very difficult time.

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“One family in particular caught my attention due to the fact that her partner was working away for weeks with the NHS which naturally impacted her with not being able to have any contact with him. Also, they have two children together who are also not getting to see their dad.

“I just wanted to provide some nice memories for people to look back on.”

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Mr King, who is doing this free of charge, has been able to take most of the portraits while he on his daily walks for exercise around the town.

He added: “Every family has a story different to the last one.

“I had a mother ask if I could visit her daughter due to it being her daughter’s birthday and so I visited them and captured some special memories so that they had something to look back on.”

“I wanted to help the families of Dereham during difficult times and received many lovely comments in regards to my visits.

“I’ve found it very rewarding knowing that I had made a difference to many families.”

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